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How explicit does the requirement brief have to be?

Creativity Unlimited are fully adept at working to requirement briefs, irrespective of how simple or complex these are when presented by clients. We can work with whatever material the client has in mind, provided that the key parameters and specifics of the requirement are conveyed. In many instances, our graphical briefs begin as rudimentary thumbnail sketches from our clients, although we are equally able to work to extremely tight constraints such as 3D image development from formal 2D plans and engineering drawings etc. From a documentation perspective, we have a proven ability to respond effectively to even the most open of requirement briefs, whilst being highly experienced in preparing complete turnkey proposal responses to large and complex invitation to tender packages for major procurement bodies etc.

How many years experience do you have?

Creativity Unlimited staff have extensive experience of creative graphics, creative content, proposal creation and technical documentation production spanning over 10 years. This expertise is borne out of practical and successful application of these skills within a number of fast paced, highly competitive industry sectors.

How can I obtain a quotation for the proposed work?

In order to attain a quotation from Creativity Unlimited for the work required, please either complete the online contact form providing details of your requirement specifics and the timeframe for completion, or call us on +44 (0) 7595 232087. Should you need to supply files, drawings or supplementary information in order to convey the requirement adequately, please email us at and attach the necessary files to your email, ensuring total email size remains below 10Mb. Please note that the more specific the requirement brief which is sent to us, the more accurate we are able to make the return quotation, although we are able to provide indicative quotations for less tightly defined task requests. In addition to a cost estimate, all quotations will include a time estimate for work completion based upon prevailing workload at the time of quote preparation.

What is the procedure for placing an order?

Once you have been quoted for the work required, if you wish to proceed with the order, please notify Creativity Unlimited who will provide a written summary of the brief to sign and return along with the agreed cost of the work. To confirm your order, please sign, date and return this work brief and confirm acceptance of the Creativity Unlimited Terms and Conditions of work. In certain instances, payment or part-payment for the work must be made up-front prior to work commencement, although exceptions apply for some large, complex or staged work tasks (in such cases the customer will be offered alternate payment options within the quotation, as appropriate). Once order confirmation and initial payment is received, the order will be undertaken as per agreement and the client shall be updated on work progress throughout the task.

What payment methods are acceptable?

Payment can be made by card payment, Paypal, bank transfer or cheque using the payment details provided on all quotation and invoice paperwork. Full payment instructions are provided on each invoice for your reference.

What are the payment terms?

For task quotations where an initial part-payment is requested, payment must be received before Creativity Unlimited can begin work on the task. All Creativity Unlimited invoices raised throughout the task or on completion of task require payment to be received within 30 days of the invoice date.

Do Creativity Unlimited offer stage payment schemes?

Stage payment schemes are possible for applicable assignments at the discretion of Creativity Unlimited, these will generally apply to large, complex tasks or rolling projects rather than single task assignments. Availability of stage payment options for eligible tasks shall be clearly notified to customers at the quotation stage.

Is all work carried out remotely?

The majority of our work is carried out remotely, thereby offering a cost-effective service to our customers without the added expense of travel and other lost time. Remote working seldom proves to be a barrier to delivery of creative results, although certain requirements do warrant face-to-face meetings to effectively discuss and articulate ideas which we are happy to facilitate. Other instances may require a prolonged duration based at a customer site or other location, such as when working alongside a specific team during proposal creation etc, which we are equally able to arrange.

What is the normal turnaround period for a task?

The turnaround time for a given task is entirely dependent upon the scale and complexity of the requirement, as well as the prevailing workload experienced by Creative Unlimited. When a quotation request is received by Creativity Unlimited a timeframe for task completion is provided with the quotation in every case. Creativity Unlimited will always endeavour to meet existing deadlines our customers may have, wherever this is possible. Therefore, it is in the client’s interest to notify us of any applicable timelines or time constraints within the initial requirement brief.

Can I place work through a third party website?

For customers registered with third party websites involved with job outsourcing (such as People Per Hour, oDesk, eLance and similar), work can be assigned to Creativity Unlimited via these means if this carries benefit to the customer. Any work placed through a third party website shall be bound by the contracting procedures and rules as described on the respective site, all of which must be strictly adhered to. Each website has its own regulations governing means of contact, engagement, payment and therefore it is the customer’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with all applicable rules prior to placing any work via these means.

What is the limitation in scope for proposal writing?

Our expertise in proposal generation is all-encompassing, enabling our engagement for specific sub-assignments or for creation of a complete turnkey proposal response against an explicit requirement. We are fully adept at reviewing and interpreting even the most complex of ‘Invitation To Tender/Request for Proposal’ documents and being able to prepare dynamic response solutions accordingly. This ability allows us to respond swiftly and provide all appropriate graphics, diagrams and imagery to support the proposal. Creativity Unlimited shall only allow our engagement within proposals for which we can provide added value, and therefore in some instances it may only be pertinent for us to tackle selected sections or elements of the proposal. Creativity Unlimited are able to provide confidentiality agreements where necessary against specific requirements, and we also have an SC cleared staff member able to work on more sensitive assignments as necessary, such as for military bhardware etc.

Do you perform printing?

Creativity Unlimited do not hold in-house commercial printing facilities, however due to close business relationships with other third parties providing design-related services we are able to provide a full design-and-print capability for those requiring a turnkey service.

Can I pre-arrange printing prior to receiving my completed graphics/ documentation?

We advise that third parties are only booked/engaged once in receipt of your completed work to allow for eventualities such as change requests etc. Creativity Unlimited accepts no liability if costs are incurred as a result of booking any third party printing or post-treatment before receiving and checking your finished work.

Are copies of the produced work retained and available for future supply?

At Creativity Unlimited, work produced for customers is securely retained on file for a minimum of 3 years for our records. Copies of previously supplied work can usually be made available to clients upon request; a small charge may be made for this service, dependent upon file volume/ work involved.

How can I be assured of the quality of Creativity Unlimited's work?

At Creativity Unlimited our reputation is dear to us, we therefore do our utmost to ensure our customers are happy with the standard of work produced, and we never release work to our clients until happy with it ourselves. Our team benefits from a strong and varied experience and skills base, developed through work within a broad range of demanding, highly competitive industry sectors. We are proud of our work ethos, being a hard working, conscientious and dedicated team who continually deliver on quality and performance. If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with any part of our service, please contact us and we shall undertake all reasonable measures to resolve the situation as swiftly as possible.

Is there a limit on achievable image resolution?

All created graphics and imagery can be generated to any required resolution, so as to be suitable for large format printing, large screen applications and other requirements demanding high pixel definition.

What are the available file formats?

Work can be exported to a wide range of file formats to suit most applications; where specific file format outputs are required by the client these should be made clear on the initial requirement brief.

What if I have a complaint?

If you are unhappy with any element of our service, please contact us on +44 (0) 7595 232087 or email us at as soon as a problem is identified, so that we can attempt to remedy the situation where reasonably possible and prevent a potential repeat of the issue.

If you have any questions which are not answered here, please call us on +44 (0) 7595 232087 or email us at