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What payment methods are acceptable?

Payment to Creativity Unlimited can be made by the following simple and secure means:


Secure transactions can be made through Paypal, allowing fast, easy payment by a wide range of major credit and debit card types. To use this payment method, please notify us of your wish to pay via this means, an electronic invoice will be raised through Paypal for the correct amount and you will be provided login credentials. To effect payment, please click the Paypal symbol below, you will be directed to a secure Paypal payment area and once logged in, you will be guided through the payment process. Once the payment is complete, you will be provided a payment confirmation message and returned to the Creativity Unlimited website.

Bank Transfer/ BACS

Electronic bank transfers can be made online or in-branch using the bank details provided on all of our quotation and invoice paperwork. For ease of payment identification, the quotation/ invoice reference carried on the front of the task paperwork should be given as the payment reference.


Cheque payment is also accepted, cheques should be made out to Creativity Unlimited and the quotation/ invoice number should be written on the reverse of the cheque.

Full payment instructions and bank details are provided on all quotations and invoices for your reference.

Note: For tasks placed by customers through third party sites such as PeoplePerHour, Elance, oDesk etc, these are subject to a different charging scheme (independent of Creativity Unlimited) which are invoiced and payable through the respective website.

Pay with Paypal