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Proposal Writing

We benefit from extensive multi-sector proposal writing skills and experience, from small scale bid work to large, complex tenders. We are able to provide specific inputs as part of a team approach or offer a turnkey service whereby we use stock customer data as reference and produce all content necessary for the response. All tender responses are tailored specifically towards the target client in terms of format, content and style, ensuring all mandatory response sections, forms, spreadsheets and criteria are completed in full in a professional and integrated fashion. We then perform rigorous documentation cross-checks to ensure that the proposal allows for straightforward assessment by the client and portrays precisely the right message. In collaborative bids, we are able to integrate with and work alongside existing bid and project teams either remotely or directly for maximum communication efficiency and to ensure timeline objectives are met in full. Our proposal experience primarily focuses around the following specialist areas: rapid deployment and temporary infrastructure, vehicle systems, renewable energy solutions, construction developments, sustainable development infrastructure and modular and portable systems.

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Roaming Clinic Proposal
Proposal Writing

Deployable Workshop System